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Guest Post – Three Ways to Zap Stress During Crunch

Stress is a fact of 21st-century life, and all the more so when you’re working on big, high-pressure projects. I’ve worked in a projects environment for most of the past 20 years, and I know how it gets. You start to become irritable, forgetful, you may find yourself dreaming about work, you’re tired but you can’t sleep well, you might even start to find loud noises and bright lights painful. It’s not fun.

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Maximise your Developer Evolution

Well, the inevitable has happened and by the time you’re reading this I’ll have travelled 250 miles to start the next phase of game development career in Guildford, the hub of game development in the UK. This prompted me to reflect on how things have gone over the last few years and what advice I can give.

Why do I think that migrating to a game development  hub is inevitable? Because you cannot makes games in a vacuum and both your career and your business need talent to feed on or you will starve.

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Linchpin Manifesto

Yes. Now.

I am an artist. • I take initiative • I do the work, not the job. • Without critics, there is no art. • I am a Linchpin. I am not easily replaced. • If it’s never been done before, even better. • The work is personal, too important to phone in. • The lizard brain is powerless in the face of art. • I make it happen. Every day. • Every interaction is an opportunity to make a connection. • The past is gone. It has no power. The future depends on choices I make now. • I own the means of production—the system isn’t as important as my contribution to it. • I see the essential truth unclouded by worldview, and that truth drives my decisions. • I lean into the work, not away from it. Trivial work doesn’t require leaning. • Busywork is too easy. Rule-breaking works better and is worth the effort. • Energy is contagious. The more I put in, the more the world gives back. • It doesn’t matter if I’m always right. It matters that I’m always moving. • I raise the bar. I know yesterday’s innovation is today’s standard. • I will not be brainwashed into believing in the status quo. • Artists don’t care about credit. We care about change. • There is no resistance if I don’t allow it to defeat me. • I embrace a lack of structure to find a new path. • I am surprising. (And often surprised). • I donate energy and risk to the cause. • I turn charisma into leadership. • The work matters. • Go. Make something happen.

Incoming search terms for the article:

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Spotlight – 5 Indie Games Developers

The phrase ‘indie games’ often refers to games made by small independent developers, who fund the game themselves and release it out into the wild but self-publishing. After all, they’re not bound to a publisher and therefore independent.

I would also like to remind our readers that the vast majority of games you buy are made by indie developers but they rarely get the credit they deserve as their publishers mask their existence in the name of promoting their own brand.

Here’s a list of 5 indie game developers, in no particular order, that you may have missed on your travels around the world through the likes of the XNA Creator community or PC developers in general. It’s hard to discover PS3 indies as they’re often hidden behind closed doors but I try.

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Comment – Full Analysis of iPhone Economics – it is bad news. And then it gets worse

I recently re-tweeted this article and I commented on the post but wanted to bring the discussion here to see what you think.

Full Analysis of iPhone Economics – it is bad news. And then it gets worse

The piece opens with

I promised to return with the full analysis of the iPhone App Store economics analysis, from every angle, with all data I have managed to find. This blog intends to paint the most accurate picture of the specifically Apple related iPhone App Store market economics – and lessons from here should apply to most other smart phone app stores as well. The one final piece of the puzzle that had been missing, that we desperately needed to ge the full, honest picture, was the Apple official revenue number, which we finally got a few days ago, at $1.43B total revenues generated over 2 years, and thus $1B paid to developer. Now we can do the full analysis. But first a few general comments.

Here’s what I wrote:

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