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Where The Money Goes

I wanted to share with you a presentation about Where The Money Goes that is received from making video games. I made this presentation a few years ago to a game development studio I was running at the time and I believe everyone found it useful and gained a better understanding of where the money that comes into the business goes before it pays their wages and why ‘when’ it comes in is important too. I’ve updated this post since then with more up-to-date principles, information and costs as I learn new things ever day.

These are general principles that apply to any business and I’m going to cover the basics to hold on tight, feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section.

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The Definitive Guide To Pitching Your Video Game

Over the years I’ve both pitched many games and been on the receiving end of pitches too, all of which range from a small game worth £100k up to AAA hits of close on £10M. I’ve worked my way through the good & bad and I wanted to share with you my complete guide to pitching a game.

In essence, Pitching is about building a bridge between the Art and the Money, let’s learn how to make that bridge.

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