eCommerce Site –

eCommerce Site –

Today saw the first public showing of the eCommerce site refresh for, which we’re amazingly proud of.

This is an ongoing extensive web development project and encompasses replacing the existing eCommerce site, refreshing the design, revitalising the customer experience, improving security, fixing bugs and much more. This is much more than a simple reskin and it will help the thousands of daily visitors find their way around the products much easier and Approved Food get more control, data and a rapid turn-around on changes and support.

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Five eCommerce Website SEO tips you can use

We have a great deal of experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for eCommerce websites to improve the position of both your online store and the items you sell.

We have some secret ways of doing this for your eCommerce website but we can share our most common tactics that are specific to eCommerce to genuinely improve your orders.

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eCommerce Website Developer

It’s fair to say that we’re experienced experts in ecommerce web development having delivered multiple ecommerce websites of all sizes that serve anywhere from 100 to 90,000 customers per month and have over 1,000 products listed on Google Products.

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Hi, my name is Simeon Pashley and I'd like to introduce you to my blog. I've been professionally developing software since 1986. After an extensive career in Game Development, I switched to Web Development in 2010.

I work full-time as CTO, CIO, CMO for food ecommerce business Approved Food and I'm an acting Director for web developer Ring Alpha.

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