DMC4 Demo Review

So by now you’ve hopefully read my Devil May Cry 4 Full Review. So today I downloaded the demo of DMC4, which was released few hours ago.

In the demo, you play through the first level as Nero. And now I think it’s the time to give away some spoilers.

So in the demo there are 2 modes – one gives you 10 minutes of gameplay through the first level, the other puts you in a battle against “frost” monsters. Early on we are introduced to Nero’s Devil Arm. Basically, Nero uses it to pull off a powerful throw and to drag enemies up to him — that’s for combat. And Nero also does Prince of Persia style jumps using it.

After playing the full game, I can’t really say that this demo gives away a taste of the game. I’d say it appeals to those casual gamers on XBL, as in the demo you can beat everything by mashing a single button. A hardcore gamer would have the WTF face.

But what the demo does very well is show off the game’s graphics. And they’re freackin’ awesome. This definitely is Uncharted’s level. Spoiler review coming soon.

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Confirmed: Crysis heading to PS3, not 360

So the rumors have been confirmed. Various game sites – including and – are reporting that a ’studio insider’ has confirmed that Crytek is developing Crysis for PlayStation 3.

“It’s like Crysis 1.5, packed with extra features and content” – said the insider.

Thus PC fanboys should stfu, saying that “Crysis isn’t possible on Consoles”. I’m pretty sure the graphics _will_ get dumbed down a bit, but still.

Another interesting fact is that “Crysis isn’t going to the 360 due to _technical reasons_” – does this mean that PS3 is indeed more powerful that 360? Is it true that multiplats are dumbed down because of 360’s hardware limitations? Let the fanboys decide.

Although in a year or two we’ll know that for sure – whether the Xenon will show it’s age and developers will figure out the power of the Cell.

Score for Sony.

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Portal: A Day In A Turret’s Life

I had to post this. This is the funniest video I’ve seen this year so far. What do you think Turrets from Portal do all day? Yes, they talk BS. And it’s helluva funny. Especially if you know what they’re talking about.

Do you think there will be cake?


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Devil May Cry 4 Review – Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

So this day finally came. About 15 hours ago, a box came in. That box contained 2 disc boxes, both marked “Devil May Cry 4?. One was for the Xbox 360, and the other for PlayStation 3.

And I finally beat it. Guess which one?

I’m going to post a story and gameplay-centric reviews later on, but now I want to give out my overall impressions of the game. I beat it in around 14 hours in 2 “sit ins”, and I must say. Wow. Just wow. This _IS_ what next gen gaming is all about.

Devil May Cry 4 is actually the second sequel in the game series, with Devil May Cry 3 being a prequel. And YES, you do get to play as Dante. Although the story kicks off with Nero – [spoiler removed], and a very emotional story.

Don’t get me wrong, I did like the badass kick the crap out of everything story that DMC3 was, but in Devil May Cry 4 the story really touches you. I didn’t get this feeling since Metal Gear Solid (I didn’t know you could save Meryl, lol). You actually feel sorry for what happens (no spoilers, don’t worry), and want to kick the crap out of everything in an emotional and intrigued state.

Devil May Cry 4 Review   Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Also when you start playing the game, you might get a “WTF, did they just pull a Raiden on me?” feeling, but don’t worry, you do get to play as Dante and this is definitely Devil May Cry.

Now onto the gameplay. This game is bitch hard. It’s a little bit easier than Devil May Cry 3, but still, casual players beware – if I see a review with someone saying “omg teh gamez too hard 1/10?, stab yourself in the head, please. Seriously, if you don’t know how to play HARDCORE games, go back to Zuma.

The difficulty is indeed unforgiving. It kicks off much like DMC3 with hordes of enemies coming at you, but this time around you are rewarded with lots more gorgeous cut-scenes and a very deep and emotional story.

Unlike DMC3 where you had lots of backtracking and “time to breathe”, in this Devil May Cry 4 review I have to say that sometimes it gets even too challenging for me (I’ve beaten DMC3 on the hardest difficulty twice), as sometimes you go into a room filed with enemies, only to get thrown into another battle in the other room – and just when you think you have time to breathe (and your health bar is almost at null) – another horde of demons is sent your way.

That said, there are new moves to explore. While Nero’s demonic arm gives you an interesting twist on gameplay, Dante still can choose styles. And just like in DMC3, I like the acrobatic style the most – the guns style comes in a close second. More on this in my gameplay review.

Remember those amazingly incredible and unbelievable INGAME cutscenes from Devil May Cry 3 on PlayStation 2? Well, it’s next gen, so guess what? The visuals are totally amazing. As always, the developers OWNED Hollywood movies with the production values of cut-scenes – especially ones filled with freackin’ sweet over-the-top action extravaganza. I’ve been playing it on a 42? 1080p, and seriously, this IS the game you want to an HDTV for. It’s probably one of the few current games that I’m sure IS NOT upscaled. Yes, it might just be smart use of upscalers and anti-aliasing, but both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions look stunning.

Speaking of versions. I confess – initially I tried to play it on my 360, as I just kinda fell in love with the controller. Although when I actually started playing, it didn’t feel right. Ever got that weird feeling that something is WRONG? It wasn’t the framerate, it wasn’t the HDTV – it was the controller. Devil May Cry 4 is just ment to be played on the PlayStation 3. It just feels… dunno – more comfortable, more responsive?

Furthermore, it is now clear that the game was initially developed for the PS3 and then ported to the 360. Occasional frame-rate issues are to blame. Loading times are also _a bit_ faster on the PS3.

Aside from the system wars BS, did you like DMC3’s hard metal soundtrack? You’ll love this one. Although it does have a fair amount of opera-like deep and touching songs (that fit perfectly), the core soundtrack is all metal. You’ll love it. I’ve already gotten it on my iPhone, it’s awesome for listening.

Overall I have to say that – despite playing such masterpieces as Gears of War, BioShock, Uncharted, Ratcher & Clank and others – Devil May Cry is _the_ Next Gen game. If you really want to experience (probably) TRUE HD gaming, this is definitely the game you want to play. Looks great, the gameplay is challenging and the story is intriguing – go and buy it now! Although by the time of this review it’s not out yet, so preorder it right now. And if you have a choice, get the PS3 version.

A Definite 9/10

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Brazil bans Counter-Strike and EverQuest

Now this is just messed up. As of Thursday, January 18th, the games Counter-Strike and EverQuest are officially banned in Brazil. The decision has been approved by Brazil’s Higher Court in October, but the law has been officially activated only on Thursday.

One of the leading lawyers in Brazil says that “these games provoke violence and are dangerous for the society”. Wow. They might as well ban everything else.

As of Jan 18th, everyone in Brazil has to erase Counter Strike & EverQuest from their HDDs. If anyone is caught having these games, they will have to pay a DAILY fine of $3,000 up until the software is removed.

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Master Chief Won’t Be In Halo Movie

When in 2005 the first rumor of a Halo movie hit the web, many speculated that it would revolve around the faceless, personality-less character Master Chief, who has been saving the world throughout the trilogy that is Halo. Although it appears that Master Chief’s story would never be told, hence the games have ended (with Bungie moving out from Microsoft’s basement), and the movie will revolve around “other characters”.

Bungie’s writing director recently shed some light on the subject. Joseph Staten has confirmed that it would be incredibly difficult to make an epic story around a “blank” character such as Master Chief. He said that the story would revolve aroundcharacters within the universe of the alien Covenant attack, and that they would make significant references to Master Chief, seeing him as a mystery savior – a legend for that matter. And while he would be critical to making the Halo movie a success, the story wouldn’t revolve around him, rather about the characters that refer to Master Chief.

It’s great to see that the script of the movie is handled by actual gaming writers, rather than Hollywood (or German – Boll anyone?) producers wanting to milk the license.

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