Playing Call of Duty 4 on 3 Monitors

So you were hyped about that Alienware Curved Monitor? In reality that monitor had 3 separate video streams – you could actually see the lines connection them. So yes, it is currently possible to play no 3 screens.

Checkout this movie, where a guy plays Call of Duty 4 (COD4) on 3 24? LCD Monitors. This is just insane. Insane in terms of gameplay advantage – he actually has a wider view angle and can spot more enemies around him.

And the guy’s voice made me lol. This is why console gaming is always a step back though.


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OSX reports incorrect disk usage

If you’re OSX disk usage is being reported incorrectly then you’ve probably got caught by a Time Machine feature introduced in Apple OSX 10.7. This typically happens where your free disk space erodes over time or when you delete some files and yet the disk still claims to have the same space usage as before.

This is a silently introduced feature where Time Machine can operate on on laptops (Macbook Air / Macbook Pro) when the TM volume isn’t available. The system essentially snapshots your changes for backing up later.

Read about it here

If you want to disable the feature and reclaim your space go in to Terminal and enter:

sudo tmutil disablelocal

followed by return, and after entering you password and hitting return again, it should delete the local snapshots and free up the missing space.


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