Flow – Make Better Games

I’ve been meaning to re-present something I did for a whole game development studio a while back about ‘Flow’. It instantly improved production and was something we held dear as a team.

Have you ever said anything like:

  • “Wow, is it that time already?”
  • “Sorry, I was miles away”
  • “I get my best work done when everyone’s gone home!”

If the answer is yes, then you’ve experienced a state of Flow and most likely been incredibly productive. It’s sometimes called being “in the zone” too among others. Here’s my take on a well-known psychological state and why it’s important to game developers.

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Epic Citadel – lean, mean development

Epic Citadel   lean, mean development The recent outing on iPhone of the amazing looking Unreal Engine 3 demo entitled Epic Citadel (available free) by Epic really shows the underlying capability of the hardware that current mobile devices have. In short, it’s like nothing you’ve seen on any iOS device so far. But is it all good for game developers?

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Fellow Game Bloggers

I’ve collected a list of all of the video game bloggers I’ve found so far. These cover a broad range of topics include developers, producers, artists, designers, business and I’d wholly recommend adding them all to your favourite RSS reader.

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How I use Twitter

(mobile post)
There’s an interesting post over on about how Juuso uses Twitter as part of his game blog that I wanted to emulate here.

I use my @GameLinchpin Twitter feed largely to auto-post new articles from this blog. This is done automatically when I hit publish so it’s the best way to keep up-to-date. Simply follow us and you’re all set.

I also follow other people in the games industry, not companies, and join in chats there and also RT (re-tweet) anything I find interesting and relevant to game development. I also follow events such as #e3expo, #develop2010 and #gamescom and RT interesting items too.

As Juuso says, you really need a client to use Twitter as the basic web service really doesn’t scratch the surface of what’s possible.
I use Tweetdeck on my iPhone, Home Mac and work PC as it’s by far the best app. I use Twitterific on iPad as TD isn’t very good yet.

If you’re starting out, start by following me then go through my lists and add people from there. Most people will follow you back and it’s a good way to kick start your Twitter addiction.

Hashtags are pretty much like public chat channels, you simply follow a hash tag and you join the conversation. This can be an amazing way of getting involved in a community. I’ve met lots of people on these channels who I continue to chat with on a daily basis. Find a channel, add people for the channel as they’re obviously interested and engaged in that subject.

I follow:
#xblig – Xbox Live Independant Games
#gamedev – general game development
#iPhone – broad iPhone chat
#leanstartup – small business bootstrapping

Event specific ones pop up too such as

Joining Twitter was one of the best things I’ve done for. Long time and I’d consider it pretty much mandatory for game debs to keep up with a rapidly changing industry.

Which people and #hashtags do you follow?

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Are you good enough to make 3D games?

If you’re going to be looking to make 3D games, you’re going to need the best programmers you can find, or strip your artwork down to nothing.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the basic tech: you wear glasses that control which eye sees the view from a slightly different angle giving the illusion of 3D.

There is of course a massive technical consideration for 3D games, that they have 1/2 your frame rate as you’re now rendering twice as much as you were before. (This is a gross assumption based on the fact that you’re render bound)

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What can we learn from location based games?

Location based games have really taken off in the last year or so and they’re only going to get better but do those ideas have to be constrained to gps devices? Can you do location based game play on a fixed console such as ps3?

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