Don’t miss the growing mobile web audience

Don’t miss the growing mobile web audience

Mobile purchases and mobile web viewing are increasing every day and it’s simply not good enough to expect users to view your regular site. iPhone, Android and tablet viewers expect custom built views.

Thankfully, all of our regular and content-managed websites take full advantage of the iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices with views and touch-based interfaces especially built to get the most out of them.

Our new elegant iPad specific view is a joy to behold and features large buttons, swipe gestures and much more.

Can you afford not to have a mobile website? Especially a FREE version of your existing site?

Contact Us to find out how we can help.

Following are some pictures of this web design site running on iPhone and iPad, I’m sure you’ll agree they look very impressive.

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Get your Products on Google Shopping

Are your products listed on Google Shopping? If not, why not? Does your existing Google Merchant / Froogle / Base feed meet the new required format?

Getting your products listed under Google Shopping is easy to do and bring buying customers straight to your products with the great side-effect is that your products can appear on the 1st page of Search Results bypassing your competitors!

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How to Choose the Best Website Designer

In order to compete in today’s tough hospitality economy, business owners need a strong online presence. The convenience of online shopping, coupled with the high price of gasoline, means a growing number of potential customers are on the Internet right now looking for your business and dreaming of their next vacation destination. So, whether you are just beginning to sell online or want a more competitive edge for your existing business, knowing how to choose the best website designer is a crucial skill.

One word of caution: when choosing the best designer for your business, never choose based on price alone. While price can be one indicator of whether the designer meets your budget needs, you may unfortunately get what you pay for, which will certainly cost you more in the long run. Hire the best designer you can afford to avoid this common and expensive mistake.

Of course, paying top dollar does not guarantee you’ll get the best designer either. So let’s consider the top 5 qualities to look for in choosing the best website designer for your business:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Portfolio
  3. Experience
  4. Creativity
  5. Service


Unfortunately, all website designers can create graphic design for your business website, but not all are professionals. Professionalism seems to be fading as more and more website designers jump on the freelance bandwagon to get their share of the buying public’s money. Simply claiming to be the best is not good enough.  Doesn’t everyone claim they provide the best services at the best prices? So pay close attention to other important signs, including:

  • Is the business web design company interested in specifically what elements you’ll need on your website for growth, or are you herded into their client group and given a select number of templates to choose from that look like everyone else’s?
  • Is the business web designer prepared to take the time to determine your target audience?
  • Are they interested in your overall business goals?
  • Does the designer know enough about your industry, or are they willing to learn, in order to trounce the competition?
  • IS the design company responsive when you call or send an e-mail? If it takes 2 days for them to return your call just to discuss the project, what will happen after they’ve gotten your money?
  • Does the designer talk in terms of the future- how they will support your needs or continue to work with and maintain your business website once is completed?


Basically, a picture does speak a thousand words. The best website designers will have a portfolio of successful sites.  So ask questions. Seek references. Visit websites they’ve created. Notice the page ranking with the search engines.


In essence, the best web designer has the experience necessary to make the competition pale in comparison. With an in-depth know of SEO (search engine optimisation) and other marketing strategies, a growing knowledge base to stay one step ahead, and the focused expertise to increase you Internet presence, your online visitor will be converted into an online buyer.


Templates are a dime a dozen.  Actually, a growing number are freeware. A novice can take a pre-made web page and, with limited knowledge, build a website. Thus the end result looks like a thousand other sites scattered throughout the Internet.  To be number one, you must look like number one visually, with concise information, consumer-friendly interactive navigation, stunning pictures and enticing content that sells.


Probably the most import aspect of the best website designer is service.  A good designer will back up his/her product with ongoing services to ensure your success.

Ring Alpha Web Design offers all of this and more, including:

  • Unique Web Design-updated periodically
  • Web Hosting-to keep the site up and running
  • Domain Registration
  • Online Marketing of the Site-to bring potential customers
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)-to make sure your site is #1

Ready to begin creating a business website that really has impact? Please contact Ring Alpha Web Design to discuss your needs today.

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How SEO Boosts Your Page Rank

Do you ever use search engines to find a product or service on the Internet, rather than physically getting in your car and driving to the local department store?  You’re not alone. Millions of others are doing the same every day. How often do you go beyond the first two search results pages to find what you’re looking for?  How about beyond the first few entries on the first page?

Perhaps without realising it, you’ve just demonstrated know how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can boost the ‘page rank’ of your own business website.

Page Ranking Determines Success

What exactly is page rank? Page rank determines whether potential customers will find your business on page one of a web search, or page 1,022.  The ultimate goal is for your website to be the first business listed on the first page. Generally, buyers of products and services type a specific word or words into their browser to describe what they’re looking for. For example, ‘Jamaica travel’ or ‘cruise to Bermuda’. If they know the name of your business, even better, because the search engines return hundreds, thousands, even millions of results that match the words they are using to search, either completely or partially. The customer then browses through page one…maybe page two…but very few will go beyond that to find what they’re looking for.

Many factors go into putting your company on page one, but great business web design is one excellent way to boost your page rank and bring customers knocking at your virtual door and scheduling vacations,

SEO Boosts Rankings Through:

  • Key Words and Phrases
  • Increased Relevance
  • Popularity
  • Improved Links
  • Weeding Out the Competition

Although success does not usually happen overnight, with good SEO, your business website will rise swiftly through the ranks, moving your online presence from the back page to front of all the competition.  Here’s how:

Key Words and Phrases

When consumers are looking for a business via the Internet, they do not put a complete description in the text box.  Likewise, general words may bring up a whole slew of sites having nothing to do with the need. For example, typing in ‘the renaissance’ as a search term brings up results related to The Middle Ages, an investment firm called Renaissance, a search engine marketing club, and others. If your business is named ‘Renaissance’, it may be listed on the 3rd page or further down, and will never be found by the visitor. Therefore, targeted words or phrases help narrow down the choices for optimal sites to peruse. In a case where the business name is similar to many other company names, other SEO strategies and keywords can help in this regard. With good SEO, your pages will be peppered with the most common words used to consumers to find what your business has to offer.

Increased Relevance

With proper key words and phrases blended into your web site content, your business website design and pages will increase in relevance, which translates into more consumer dollars spent on your site.  During a search for business, the competition will be left in the dust, if your page pops up as the most relevant to the consumer’s search terms. The best SEO companies, like business Web Design, know how to uncover what people are searching for to get the best results.


As soon as your site begins to show more traffic (visitors), search engines will pick up on its growing popularity.  Then, subsequent searches will be more likely to see your business chosen as the best. Thus, your page ranking has hit a major milestone in page rank. Soon, search engines scour the web for pertinent information, and your business will be at the top of the list.

Improved Links

As your pages increase in popularity and begin to rank higher, you can track how improved links are recommend your site to consumers who may start elsewhere and end up on your page.  With great links, your business web design will be instrumental in out-selling the competition, and your bottom line will reflect that change.

Weeding Out the Competition

It’s simple supply and demand. As your business grows, your competitors will be further left behind. Your pages will rank even higher than before. Finally, the first page, and possibly first place, is attainable thanks to SEO.

Want to outshine the competition? Allow business Web Design to apply our expert knowledge and experience in SEO to boost the page rank of your business’s web design. Please contact us to find out more.

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eCommerce Site –

eCommerce Site –

Today saw the first public showing of the eCommerce site refresh for, which we’re amazingly proud of.

This is an ongoing extensive web development project and encompasses replacing the existing eCommerce site, refreshing the design, revitalising the customer experience, improving security, fixing bugs and much more. This is much more than a simple reskin and it will help the thousands of daily visitors find their way around the products much easier and Approved Food get more control, data and a rapid turn-around on changes and support.

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New Hosting service for mid-size eCommerce site

Hosted Dell R410 Server

Ring Alpha recently provide a server migration service for one of our ongoing clients, a mid-size eCommerce store with thousands of transactions going through every day. The requirement was to improve the performance and technical specification of their site ahead of Ring Alpha providing them with a new eCommerce solution.

Lets find out what we did…

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