This newest game by CODEMASTERS SOFTWARE COMPANY is totally awesome. Take Battlefield 1942, Tour of Duty, and a few others and give it a twist. What I mean by that is assume the Nazi’s won the war and instead of fighting for other countries freedoms, your fighting for your own countries freedom. Weapons are the same as in Tour of Duty and the time frame is the same but the standards are wide open. You can perform acts of environmental kills, guerrilla warfare, and tons more. Anyone who has played the demo, please post your comments below. You can download the demo here: www.codemasters.com/turningpoint


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Command & Conquer – Red Alert 3 – PC

What’s new with the newest version of Command & Conquer? Well how about your ability to build bases not only on land but on water as well. The theory of the whole game is built around a time travel machine the Soviets have built to go back and assassinate Albert Einstein. Only their meddling doesn’t just change the past but also the future resulting in the Japanese being the new leaders of the Allied forces. Three different campaigns are available on the single player game, Soviets, Allies, and Empire of the Rising Sun. Missions number between 8 and 10 each campaign. You’ll be able to co-op or select an AI co-commander. Between the two of you, you would be able to share resources but not cash. All and all the Red Alert team did really well making the revival of this series of game.

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HD DVD vs. Blue Ray The war ends!

We all have heard that Sony won the DVD war between HD DVD and BlueRay. What does this mean for those who play XBOX? Is Microsoft going to come out with a newer version of the Xbox to offset this or are they going to make the BlueRay DVD Player available for their gaming console. For those who are gaming heads, this is a heavy question and one we would all like answered. I myself am leaning towards buying the PS3 over the Xbox just for a few simple reasons, first i recently found out that PS3’s are upgradeable and this is the reason it took Sony so long to get the PS3 on the shelves. Maybe Bill Gates rushed into thinking he would gain the majority of the market before Sony. The only thing we can say for sure is that those who are die hard Xbox fans, they may be left behind wishing they would have made a different choice.

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Peter Molyneux: Fable 2 is 12 hours long

According to the guru of the game dev biz Peter Molyneux, the highly anticipated game Fable 2 is going to be only 12 hours long. But at the same time, he hopes that gamers will keep on playing long after the main quest in hopes that your sense of guilt and greed will take the best of you and will make you want to return for more.

Well, 12 hours is more than twice as long as Call of Duty 4, lmao. I guess around-10-hour games are teh pwnz this gen. God, I miss those long 25+ hour’ers, when it took you months to complete a single game on an hourly-per-day game sessions.

Here’s the full article from Wired.com:

As Molyneux pointed out in the keynote, you will be able to play as a female character, and you will be able to get married and have children. Don’t expect the screen to fade to black and a “Nine Months Later” caption to pop up, though. Your character’s belly will swell as the in-game months click by — you can even take your unborn child into combat with you, if you’d like, though Children’s Protective Services would probably prefer that you didn’t.

Fable 2 won’t have gold drops the way most RPGs (including its predessor) do. Instead, the only way to earn money is to get a job or to gamble. And by “jobs,” Molyneux doesn’t mean noble adventurer, he means working class stiff, like a blacksmith or a barman or a shop owner, though you can also earn some coin as an assassin or a henchman.

A collection of pub games will provide a less back-breaking, but riskier way to pad your wallet, but what’s even more exciting is that they’ll all be Xbox Live Arcade games as well. Any money you earn playing the XBLA game is transferred to your character’s in-game fortune. At the moment, there are three games, but Molyneux says more may be coming via downloadable content, and might even come from the XNA community developers.

“I think it would be cool for people to write games that could import stuff into Fable,” said Molyneux. He also alluded to another way that Fable “could communicate with the outside world,” but we’ll have to wait until his Fable 2 demonstration on Friday to find out exactly what he means by that.

Molyneux also demonstrated the dynamic co-op, which lets you invite one of your Fable-playing pals to visit your world and fight evil along with you. What’s particularly cool about this is that if you hop into your buddy’s game, you’re actually working as a henchman and earning money as you hack, shoot, and zap.

If you’ve already hit those Xbox Live Arcade games hard and amassed a small fortune (the first game will be available about six weeks before Fable 2’s release), the trip is still worth it, because any experience you earn while adventuring with your friend still counts for your character. Be careful who you invite to come visit, however, because they’ll be able to mess with your world, even killing your family if they feel like it.

Your friends’ homicidal urges aside, you’ll enjoy having guests play with you not only because they’ll provide valuable backup during combat, but also because it will give you the chance to show off your own unique version of the Fable world. Your environment will change based on how you play the game, with neighborhoods becoming slums or welcoming homes depending on the choices you make.

Although the combat is confined to a single button for each type of attack (sword, pistol, and magic), how you press that button can affect the amount of experience you earn. Button mashing is the simplest way to play, but you can also hold down the button for charged attacks, or hit it in rhythm for even fancier combat. The more stylish your combat style, explained Molyneux, the more experience you’ll earn, thus rewarding players who are good at the game, but not punishing those who aren’t with failure.

Molyneux was coy about Fable 2’s expected release, though “we know the week” it’s due to come out. Whatever it is, it’s not soon enough.

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EA offers $2 billion for Take Two Take Over

Wow. I’m stunned. This morning Electronic Arts – the most license milking games publisher on the planet – has offered nearly $2 billion in cash for taking over GTA4 developer Take Two interactive. The initial offer was $25 per share and $26 per share after Take Two declined the first offer.

However, EA isn’t going to give up that easily.

“Our strong preference is to conduct a private negotiation,” the letter stated. “If you are unwilling to proceed on that basis, however, we may pursue other means, including the public disclosure of this letter, to bring our offer and the compelling value it represents to the attention of Take-Two’s shareholders.”

Holy crap balls, I must say.

So basically EA isn’t going to stop that easily and will do everything in order to Take Over Take Two Interactive.

Why am I pissed of at this? Let’s take Burnout or NFS as an example. When was the last year that you didn’t have one of those games?

Imagine a _NEW_ (or slightly modified) GTA every year. That would mean that there won’t be totally unique and amazing games, they would rather milk the license until it’s worn out – and still make a buttload of cash. Man, I hope T2 won’t fall before EA.

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EA Launches Free Battlefield Heroes This Summer

This summer Electronic Arts is going to launch a brand new marketing scheme with Battlefield Heroes. The game is going to be Free to Play – for the first time ever EA isn’t really milking a license.
EA Launches Free Battlefield Heroes This Summer
Basically the company hopes to generate revenues from in-game advertising and paid add-ons. It’s unclear whether these add-ons will actually change gameplay, giving “paying” players an advantage – but my guts tell me they’ll make people WANT to pay, that’s what EA is all about.

As for the game itself, it’s said to be the same cartoon-style first person shooter as Team Fortress 2. They were probably like “HEY, let’s do THAT! Only let’s make it free, but not free!”

I’m not sure if EA will be able to make a unique game such as TF2, the “selling point” will be the free 2 play business model.


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DMC4 sold 2 million. Going multiplat was a good idea?

Despite the fact that DMC4 was supposedly degraded to fit on the Xbox 360, going multiplat was probably the best decision Capcom has ever made in terms of the Devil May Cry franchise. As of now, the game has sold 2 million copies, making it the fastest selling Devil May Cry game ever.

Devil May Cry 1/2/3 have sold a total of 7 million copies, and now that number is boosted to 9 million thanks to Devil May Cry 4. Capcom expects the sales to boost even further when the PC version is released later this year.

Devil May Cry has been a PlayStation-exclusive ever since it was released in the early days of the PlayStation 2, but now it seems that money is more important than loyalty.

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